Forgotten Frontier

More Zombie Fun

The party faced the last wave of zombies from their fortifications in the abandoned temple. This time the zombies were tougher and meaner. Three of them flung corruption at the front line fighters while a glowy-eyed zombie tossed bolts of shadow and dragged the party members out among the undead. After using most of their daily powers, the party managed to defeat the zombies.

In the dawn light, the party dug through the zombies and found a powerful holy symbol and enough bits of armor to make a full suit. They also found healing potions, gems, and gold. Much more problematic was the discovery of a necromantic shard and a note suggesting that someone was researching the abilities of the shards to raise undead. There was also a battered note about dragon heritage and ascension, but they decided that the shard was the more pressing problem. The shard researcher was headed to a vault of relics to the south.

_ Research Note: Kierno Varim
Even in this formerly hallowed place, a necroshard calls creatures into undeath. So far they have all been simple zombies but I have hope that the strand-asymmetric inhibitors will allow non-androgenic separation of activation. I have uncovered records of a Vault of Relics south of the confluence of Samhain and Endgate. Distorting active eukaryotic structures should allow the creation of more rational servants of Orcus to further the re-balancing. Harbane will remain here to ensure comprehensive critical segregation._

_ Dragonborn Zombie Note: Come join us in ascension at Bludgeon … Leave the softskins and their soft ways and reclaim the heritage of the dragon._

Wyd the wizard and Callie the cleric proceeded to purify the temple while Lia and TheBeast went ahead to blaze a path to the shard researcher. At high noon, when their cleansing was largely complete, one of the floor tiles moved aside to reveal a trowel, plumb bob, and chisel. Upon touching the implements, Callie was told to bring the to a builder.

After a few false starts, the party was reunited. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach the vaults before dusk fell. They tried to keep moving ahead of the pursuing undead, but lacked the endurance. They camped for the night and fought off attacks from zombified animals. They used a ring of fire to brun off the minion-strength zombies and simply destroyed the more powerful zombies through daily powers.

Dragonborn and Zombies

The party was joined by jd2 the mage. They continued deeper into the mine and into a forgotten library that had been ransacked by koblds and dragonborn. After defeating a flashy but ineffective dragonborn and opening a portal, they decided to pull out and camp for the night. When they returned to the mine it was swarming with dragonborn and kobolds, so they decided to continue on their way.

The party found a badly beat up party of bandits who’d been overrun by the dragonborn. The bandits told the party they’d also found an old temple and lost Ned, Ed, and Ted there. Since banditry wasn’t working out so well, the bandits planned to make their way back to sheep farming.

The party made their way to an abandoned and desecrated temple. After fighting a few undead they glance outside and saw hordes of zombies rising from the earth with as the shadows lengthened. TheBeast picked up a bookshelf and jammed it in front of the doorway and jd2 used her knowledge of religion to reclaim parts of the temple for the light. When the zombies attacked jd4 the fighter pushed one into a pit to let the wretched creature die again. Lia had arrows flying everywhere and jd2 used cleansing fire to burn out the bigger packs of zombies. Callie’s calling on the power of the light seared the necromatic energies that animated the zombies.

With dawn only a few hours away, the question remains – can the party hold out against the zombies or will they be overrun?

Bullywugs and Kobolds and a Dragon

Posted on 8/28/2010 by Joel

Tonight’s game featured bullywugs, kobolds and dragons.

First the party followed a new spring up a hill and ran into some bullywugs. The fight was tough but they didn’t find anything exciting.

They crossed to the other side and found a kobold mining operation. There was much discussion of candle taking. TheBeast took down one of the kobold guards in no time and jd4 the minotaur was skillfully tanking the other when a young dragon, Kethendtir, burst out of the sandy mine floor to accost the home invaders. The dragon’s sandstorm and breath hit them fairly hard but once the party got their tactics together the fight was pretty one-sided.

The cave goes a little deeper, but we had to leave our heroes taking a brief rest. Dang real life interference.

Goblin Loot (Encounter 1)

Callie the halfling Cleric, Lia the elven Ranger, TheBeast the dwarven Barbarian and Unnamed the Minotaur Fighter had hardly left Renth when they encountered a white mare with an arrow in her leg. Backtracking the horse’s trail brought them to the scene of a recent encounter where a group of goblins was still dividing up the possessions of a pair of recently deceased travelers.

Eager for battle, the group moved in to attack. Callie blasted a number of goblins with silver arrows, The Beast gave vent to his barbarian rage with a cleave , Lia carefully targeted her quarry, and Unnamed mocked the goblins as their attacks bounced off his armor.

After the battle, TheBeast realized that he had forgotten to equip his armor, which might explain his near-death experience. Since the goblins had recently looted Awakening Hide armor, he didn’t even need to take off his old armor to use his new one.

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