Forgotten Frontier

Goblin Loot (Encounter 1)

Callie the halfling Cleric, Lia the elven Ranger, TheBeast the dwarven Barbarian and Unnamed the Minotaur Fighter had hardly left Renth when they encountered a white mare with an arrow in her leg. Backtracking the horse’s trail brought them to the scene of a recent encounter where a group of goblins was still dividing up the possessions of a pair of recently deceased travelers.

Eager for battle, the group moved in to attack. Callie blasted a number of goblins with silver arrows, The Beast gave vent to his barbarian rage with a cleave , Lia carefully targeted her quarry, and Unnamed mocked the goblins as their attacks bounced off his armor.

After the battle, TheBeast realized that he had forgotten to equip his armor, which might explain his near-death experience. Since the goblins had recently looted Awakening Hide armor, he didn’t even need to take off his old armor to use his new one.



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