Forgotten Frontier

Dragonborn and Zombies

The party was joined by jd2 the mage. They continued deeper into the mine and into a forgotten library that had been ransacked by koblds and dragonborn. After defeating a flashy but ineffective dragonborn and opening a portal, they decided to pull out and camp for the night. When they returned to the mine it was swarming with dragonborn and kobolds, so they decided to continue on their way.

The party found a badly beat up party of bandits who’d been overrun by the dragonborn. The bandits told the party they’d also found an old temple and lost Ned, Ed, and Ted there. Since banditry wasn’t working out so well, the bandits planned to make their way back to sheep farming.

The party made their way to an abandoned and desecrated temple. After fighting a few undead they glance outside and saw hordes of zombies rising from the earth with as the shadows lengthened. TheBeast picked up a bookshelf and jammed it in front of the doorway and jd2 used her knowledge of religion to reclaim parts of the temple for the light. When the zombies attacked jd4 the fighter pushed one into a pit to let the wretched creature die again. Lia had arrows flying everywhere and jd2 used cleansing fire to burn out the bigger packs of zombies. Callie’s calling on the power of the light seared the necromatic energies that animated the zombies.

With dawn only a few hours away, the question remains – can the party hold out against the zombies or will they be overrun?



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