Forgotten Frontier

Bullywugs and Kobolds and a Dragon

Posted on 8/28/2010 by Joel

Tonight’s game featured bullywugs, kobolds and dragons.

First the party followed a new spring up a hill and ran into some bullywugs. The fight was tough but they didn’t find anything exciting.

They crossed to the other side and found a kobold mining operation. There was much discussion of candle taking. TheBeast took down one of the kobold guards in no time and jd4 the minotaur was skillfully tanking the other when a young dragon, Kethendtir, burst out of the sandy mine floor to accost the home invaders. The dragon’s sandstorm and breath hit them fairly hard but once the party got their tactics together the fight was pretty one-sided.

The cave goes a little deeper, but we had to leave our heroes taking a brief rest. Dang real life interference.



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